How to make your phone's notifications more recognisable

How to make your phone’s notifications more recognisable

Our smartphones are our best friend. We spend so much of our time scrolling through social media and surfing the internet. People use their smartphones for more than just fun and chatting with loved ones. They also use them to do business. It is important to optimize every function on your phone in order to get the most out of it. You can make your notifications more easily recognizable. How do you achieve this? Learn more below.

1. Each app’s notification should have a unique sound.

Making sure that each app has its own unique sound is one of the first steps to making your notifications easier to recognize. This is a great way to help those who work from home and can concentrate on their tasks.

To be able to determine how alarming it is, you must know where the notification is coming form.

This will allow you to know if someone liked your Instagram photo or if you have received an important email. It is crucial to reply quickly.

2. Make one notification different from all the others if you only want it to stand out.

In your situation, it might be that all notifications sound the same and you have only one notification that is unique and different. It might be the one that alerts you to an important appointment, a medical exam, or some other activity you should not forget.

You can easily overlook important notifications in the sea of noises your phone makes. You can easily miss important notifications by using a recognizable sound on your phone.

3. Choose your favorite sound for each notification

Your phone is so important that you should not neglect it. This can be achieved by finding and setting some notifications sounds you enjoy, and then associating them with certain apps or people.

Give each loved one a unique sound to let them know that you are calling. At you can find a bunch of different sounds for notifications and choose a few of them that sound the best to you. After adjusting the notification sounds to suit your ears and soul, you will find that the phone is much more enjoyable to use.


You will enjoy a better experience when you customize the sound of your notification. You can set different notifications for different apps or select one sound to be assigned to a particular notification that is important to you.

You can make calls from family members more personal by dedicating one song to each person. It is a good idea to make your notification easily recognizable. This can help you be more productive and happier every day.